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Elia Gullo

A skilled and brilliant agronomist technician, he has always supported and believed in the economic and commercial potential of Calabrian olive growing, giving life to this bold and challenging entrepreneurial adventure.

“Genuine” passion is like a mountain stream, it does not allow obstacles, which is why Elia decided to undertake this project, aware that only through the continuous search for absolute quality is it possible to create products of “sure” value.

Pietro Gullo
“il Professore”

Author and Sommelier

Teacher of literary subjects, scholar and enthusiast of olive growing and a life entirely dedicated to the olive tree and its precious nectar.

Author of several literary works, among them: “Il Talamo di Ulisse” (2000) and the very recent masterpiece “L’ampolla di Nausicaa” (2016).

A professor known for his perspicacity, passion and wisdom, he was and is a point of reference and inspirational beacon for everyone.

«Calabria has the paternity of extra virgin olive oil and the paternity of the Mediterranean diet; it is time, therefore, to give the right recognition and commercial value to our precious yellow gold».

Katia Risoleo
“la Oil&foodblogger”

Sole Administrator

A Calabrian woman with a distinctive charisma and a strong personality, our mother, teacher and “oil&food blogger” is fanatical about slow living and zero-mile artisanal products.

Her passions are photography, travel, the environment and of course cuisine, that of the Calabrian gastronomic tradition first and foremost.

“Health is defended at the table” and “We are what we eat” are her main beliefs.

Calabrian cuisine, claims Katia, due to the authenticity and health value of its ingredients, ennobled by the presence and use of extra virgin olive oil, falls by right and in fact into the national culinary competition, embodying all the gastronomic precepts that are identified with the Mediterranean diet.

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